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A nearly flat or slightly sloped is considered a low-sloped roof. A 2/12 and under pitched roof are low-sloped. Anything above 2/12 is considered steep. Majority of the residential rooftops are considered steep-sloped within the construction industry. Residential roofing or home roof repairs are the hard tasks that need to be done by experts.

At FAZ’S Roofing, LLC, our roofing expert technicians are experienced in the product applications such as dimensional shingles, architectural, and three tabs. Our team is also experienced in residential roofing products including clay tile, slate, and concrete tile, stone coated metal type shingles, and many more.

FAZ’S Roofing, LLC team is also experts in residential roof repair, built-up roofing, low-sloped roofing systems, modified bitumen, and other single-ply systems.

FAZ’S Roofing, LLC is the expert in custom slate and tile roofs, hot asphalt built-up systems, cedar wood shingle/shake roofs and modified bitumen systems. We are the trustworthy and authorized roof installers of most of the major brands, we know everything about the weaknesses and strength of each types roofing system that also gives us the ability to assist you in choosing the appropriate high quality roof system for your business and within your budget.


We specialize in all things roofing. We know in order to have a well-maintained roof you need a skilled and professional residential roofing contractor. Owning a home is a big investment. Maintaining and using quality roofing products will keep your home in good standing during inclement weather for years to come, and neglecting to maintain your home’s roof can cause huge repair bills.

Our expert roofing contractors have the skills and the experience to provide roof installation and roof repairs for your home. We will guide you on the steps needed on repairs or advise you if a new roof is the best option. Whether you need metal roofing or asphalt roofing services, we are at your service.

Our crew will get the job done quickly while keeping the highest standards in their service and products used. When it comes to the protection of your home, having a quality roof matters. Contact FAZ’S Roofing, LLC if you are thinking about installing a new roof or need a roofing repair.

We are located in Kennesaw, GA, and we’ll be glad to answer any of your questions about our shingle roofing, and more.

This allows us to increase the quality of life for customers with all kinds of needs, in private residences projects.

FAZ'S Roofing, LLC in Kennesaw, GA.

Free estimates and would gladly sit down with you to go over the details of our pricing.

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